6 Reasons You Should Consider Remote Surveillance Services By Top Security Guard Companies

Security threats have become a regular part of our lives, due to the ever-increasing crime rate. Be it residential, events, commercial, or school security, people have started to resort to multiple security services options, one of the best and most convenient being Remote Surveillance. They are known to be one of the most effective forms of deterrents against crime. In a recent study on CCTV, it was observed that there was a 16% reduction in crime rate by installing cameras.

So, if you’re not already using remote guarding, this is the perfect time to add it as a strategic security solution.

Remote Surveillance involves hiring guards to monitor your security cameras remotely. They are trained enough to spot any suspicious activity and respond by either alerting the authorities or reaching out to the place themselves and handling it as required. Because without a live monitoring service, surveillance might offer nothing more than playbacks of pieces of evidence after something bad has occurred.

So, considering safety as your top priority, let’s have a look at some of the most effective reasons why installing security cameras is proving out to be massively beneficial!

Residential Security

Being able to monitor your home while you are away not only provides peace of mind but also the very presence of two or more physical cameras at your property acts as a deterrent to potential criminals. Getting remote surveillance services by top security guards companies in Singapore is somewhat a vital defensive tool if you have a second home or are going on a vacation.

Monitoring Of The Elderly and Children

Security cameras are an indispensable piece of equipment if you have children or elderly relatives at your house. They help in keeping a watch and help you ensure that either of them is not putting themselves in danger, especially if they are frail to move! Quick responses to such situations can turn out to be life-saving for many!

Corporate Safety and Increase In Productivity

Many corporate offices opt for remote surveillance to monitor any episodes of thefts or other crimes to increase workplace security. Also, the installation of CCTV adds many other monitoring benefits including employee performance. Observing and analyzing this data helps in assessing the productivity of the company.

Prevention In Crime and Provision Of Evidence

Vandalism generally occurs at places where there are almost impossible chances of getting caught. Adopting surveillance services hinders the ability to perform any illegal activity and thus prevents the place from falling into the “easy target” category. In case a crime is committed, cameras do provide excellent evidence that can be used by the police or the legal team for investigation.

Reduction In Costs

A single security guard can monitor multiple cameras all at once! So if you are looking for efficient security solutions and budget is a problem, then you should probably get remote surveillance, as it is the only budget-friendly way to keep you and your property safe.

Expanded Coverage

Though security guards are the first line of defense they do come with a set of limits. A guard isn’t capable of overseeing multiple areas of the building at once, which means criminals can find “easy targets” quite conveniently. Thus camera analytics and remote video monitoring come into play. They can monitor multiple places all at once thus ensuring that every corner is properly safeguarded!

Wrapping Up!

Safety concerns are on an ever-increasing rise. And we as individuals can only resort to efficient security solutions by top security guard companies, to have a safer yet better future, in Singapore. This is why everyone around us is opting for Eagle i Security Services! This popular agency is known to offer budget-friendly yet effective manpower and remote surveillance services to clients with diverse security needs!

In 2008, WestPoint Protective Security & Investigation was rebranded to Eagle i Security Services.

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Eagle i Security Services

Eagle i Security Services

In 2008, WestPoint Protective Security & Investigation was rebranded to Eagle i Security Services.

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