6 Tips To Improve Commercial Building Security

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3 min readJan 14, 2022


In today’s modern world, people can sneak in at almost any place. There are ways that can be used to bypass every possible security check and breach in the safety. Imagine the disruption such a break-in could cause to your business. This is why having effective and reliable security guard services in your commercial space is the best way to protect your business and its belongings, including valuable assets and essential equipment that enables your organization to function smoothly in Singapore!

So, if you are looking out for ways to protect your commercial building, here are a few tips that can help you out!

Don’t Overlook Access Control

This is one of the foremost tips that can ensure your property’s security efficiently in Singapore. Deciding on who gets access to which part of the commercial property can help you manage your business’s overall security. Access control options range from a simple keypad to a high-security biometric finger scanner that assures full-proof protection. And if you don’t want to limit yourself onto these hire professional security guard services, that will help you in establishing strict access control

Installation Of CCTV Cameras Is A Must

Effective surveillance systems in and around your office or working space work as a security guard 24x7! They provide the peace of mind that your business premises are being monitored even at odd hours, and CCTV cameras can also act as a great visual deterrent to potential criminals. It is a great option to know what is happening in the building anytime, anywhere. They are really helpful in catching anyone trying to break into or vandalize your property.

Safeguard The Confidential Items

Generally working or owning a commercial space does instore confidential items and documents which you cannot compromise at any cost. Even when you are leaving your commercial space for a few minutes it is vital to make sure you lock it and safeguard important papers and other stuff from the reach of outsiders.

Hiring Security Guard Services Is Mandatory

A top security guard agency is equipped with the knowledge and training to safeguard your people and expensive investment in your commercial building. Their mere presence in and about the organization act as a natural deterrent to potential criminals. This may seem a little extra to you in the beginning but hiring the best security guard company in Singapore can turn out to be super beneficial in the long run!

Importance Of Background Checks

Digging out the work history of your hired employees, their relations with employers and colleagues, criminal involvements — all can play a significant role. So, regardless of what position you have hired them for, you must screen their backgrounds thoroughly. An important tip — Beware of their personal issues that can spill in the workplace and ignite complications!! Thank us later!!

Install Alarm Systems

An alarm system remains one of the most effective ways to secure your commercial building. Additional features such as perimeter sensors and lighting can also be integrated with your alarm system for added security and keeping the potential risks at bay.

Wrapping Up!

Now, start making a list of some of the biggest threats to your business and apply our tips on combating them ASAP! Hurry up, get your hands on Eagle i Security Services, the best security guard agency in Singapore and forget about the worry of safeguarding your commercial building today!



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